Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About Doggie Doors

On behalf of my wonderful Mom, I am posting the following for her. Bromley, you see, forgot to mention this part of the Doggie Door Installation Drama.

What *not* to do to train your dog to use the doggie door! (Especially when you
have a hyper, barely 2 yr. old, 125 lb. crazy boy):

1. Bounce around the doggie door like a complete idiot to get their interest.

2. Continuing with step 1, start enthusiastically singing the praises of how
wonderful using a doggie door can be.

3. While continuing with step 2, get down on all fours and proceed to crawl
through the highly praised doggie door.

4. Still performing steps 2 and 3, be completely successful in getting your 125
lbs of muscle in plenty and pea brain boy to fly through the highly praised
doggie door, while you are still attempting to fit through it.

5. Scream at the sight of your dog happily standing outside in front of
you--which he is suddenly so proud of having accomplished--while your ankle is
smashed and feels partly embedded into the frame of the highly praised doggie

6. Sit on the sofa for a week while your doofus says he's sorry and brings you

Obviously she was talking about Bromley here, featured in the stupid picture. First of all, I am bigger than 125 lbs., and second of all, I am far too dignified to do anything so idiotic as bolt through the doggie door while Mom is being silly and trying to fit through it.

Glad we have that all cleared up.

This is how I use a doggie door, by the way:

Carefully, with calculated precision. I also stick a nose out on forehand to check the weather conditions. One can never be too cautious.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello adoring fans! It has been a fairly eventful summer, I should briefly summarize before elaborating in full. 1. Summer vacation brought a. another of Mom's crazy landscaping messes, b. strange guys in my yard and on my roof, and c. yet another of Mom's ridiculously loud demolition projects. 2. Fleas! Not nice. 3. Berner Walk! I'm still reminiscing over it with a grin on my face.

Alright, here are the photos with my sundry commentary:

Bromley and I ponder over the new forest which had suddenly descended on the driveway.

How long will it take for my new trees to grow big? I need more shade!

Inspector Misha has arrived.

I approve.

Mom told me to look pretty and pose on my new Berner Patio. Just following instructions!

I need a t-shirt that says "I'm with Doofus".

Inspecting is a job never done.

I am so careful not to step in Mom's fresh dirt. It would be so unsophisticated. Naturally, Bromley is merely copying me here. He is not capable of being sophisticated, but I suppose he can try.

To see all the landscaping project photos, please click *here*!

Pulling funny faces because we have fleas.. Mom says it's the cat's fault, but I still suspect Doofus had something to do with it. It is so unsophisticated to have fleas, and therefore so like him.

Once the banging and crashing noises commenced above my head, whilst I was desperately trying to get some beauty sleep, there was no doubt in my mind I'd find another great big mess upstairs. Sheesh, more inspection work! What did I tell you? Never done. When will I ever get my naps in?

And even more work to do!

Last Sunday, though, it was party time!

That is me in the center with the big bright white chest.

I'm not scary, really! Squeak!

Another new Berner bud and I decided to go sniff on a bunny trail.

For all the Berner Walk photos, please click *here*!

And if you want to catch up on everything we've been doing all summer long, here are all our photos, listed by month:

June, '09

July '09

August '09

Enjoy! I must go immediately and woof in the backyard. Bromley has been on solo patrol out there since I've been updating, which means he tried to patrol but then fell asleep.