Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As Dad calls it my "suffering from Spring Chaos Syndrome" (otherwise known as SCS) is beginning to dwindle as Summer has set in and life slows its pace down a bit. Mom says I have been just plain BAD ever since April and would be glad for some peace and quiet around the house; however she will be disappointed whenever the Summer regime calls for swimming sessions, since those bring out my wild crazies in uncontrollable proportions.

For the last month or so I've been enjoying the full recovery of my eye surgery. At first I really couldn't believe it was all going to feel better and put Mom on a guilt trip, but she and I worked all that out since. Next time she tells me I'll get a fix and everything will be better, though, I'll know not to entirely trust her!

Life with Bromley has been stupid lately. He's just nuts, I don't know what else to say about it. He doesn't like Spring (talk about stupid!) nor Summer, he doesn't like walking in the woods and also doesn't like visitors or going on visits! What an idiot! One would think after I've suffered his presence for almost a year that he would at least make some effort to enjoy my activities, but noooooo... He is just plain selfish, silly and ridiculous. And he stinks up the house and yard. Well, he is sweet too, so I will still make allowances so long as he doesn't ruin all of my fun.

Now, I only have one more complaint (yes, only one, I'm not doing too bad am I?). It was made clear to me over a year ago that I would get a neat, cool tile floor in my bedroom. Not only do I NOT have said neat, cool tile floor in my bedroom yet, but there is a Bromley hogging it, stinking it and filling it with bones which he is fond of shooting out of his mouth at any given moment. I really dislike loud noises, especially in my bedroom. Sigh. Mom tells me she's trying to make arrangements to get the neatest flooring I've ever seen for the whole downstairs, but I'm not quite so naive anymore. I'll believe it when I see it!

This was in April when I still wore my big hat. There were so many new games I could play with it on!

My fur growing back in.

Last day of hat wearing, better inspect Bromley with my suction cup while I still can! Mom would like to note here that Bromley was humoring me.

Stitches removed and playing ball!

Finally I can swim with Dad again! Bromley dork wouldn't go in, in spite of the fact that I taught him to swim. Well, I'll tell ya, that's THE last time I try to teach a Bromley anything that even remotely relates to water. As soon as he began to paddle and propel himself he swam after me, climbed on my back (do I look like a life raft???!!!?!?) and pushed me under. I almost drowned! NO more swimming lessons by Misha!

Hugs with Dad, one of my favorite pastimes!

See how nice I am to baby brother? I'll even share my dirt hole on a hot afternoon.

I like hugs with Mom too, it's a good time to talk about things we don't want Bromley Brat to hear.

We were allowed a supervised guarding session in the front yard last weekend.

Bromley is facing the wrong way, what a doofus!

I hear something!

I see something!

I shall woowoowoo it away!

We were so busy last weekend, there were also boxes to shred for the trash container.

This is our newest Berner. I like this kind, it stays out of the way and points me to the kitchen.

So, these were my latest ruminations and adventures spanning the last couple months. With quieter days ahead (at least that is what I can reasonably expect going on past experience) I should be making a few more frequent visits here.