Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sorry it's taken so long to get rolling here...WOW, was I busy! For instance yesterday, I was thoroughly occupied with sleeping on my bed in between walks, eatings and play sessions. Highly unusual circumstance, I assure you, but it had to be done. Nevertheless, despite it having disrupted my beauty sleep, there was a high cat alert in the yard (continuing this morning) which seriously needed lots of storming, chasing and barking...which no one else in this household can do so well. I defended the yard and Flip and Flip's food to utter perfection. Satisfaction abounds, especially when followed up with treats.

Speaking of treats, I was at the vet a few weeks ago. There is no mistaking that this trip (for the most part a great adventure into town, except when they kept prying my mouth open) is certainly connected with the best introduction to my daily routine since moving right next to a dog-frequented park. I'm talking about these things:
You know, I really love my Mom...she's the best, but her credentials as Berner Mom Extraordinaire just went through the roof when she demanded I get one of these a day. It's better than cheese, carrots, real bones and kibble altogether. I learned what "denta stix" meant in no less than 5 seconds. It's a word to always be listening for. There's also doggie mouth wash put in my drinking water on occasion, which I try to do my best never to drink. It makes the water all foamy--it's just plain wrong. Then there's yummy toothpaste every other day, but I keep getting carried away with it and bite Mom's fingers off. Oops. There was talk of "dental cleaning", whatever that means, but since Mom and Dad seem scared by the idea it seems likely I'll have nothing to worry about anytime soon. All I know is that since recent weeks I'm told "you smell nice!" all the time and get tons of kisses.

Speaking of kisses, it was just the other day that I got kissed by the neighborhood Berner girl! In the same play session I also got hugs from the German shepherd girl and bites from the Goldie girl. Life is good. I do not understand females at all; the previous weeks they were all viciously barking at me to bug off. There's also this little pug...thing...that constantly snorts at everything and jumps like he's got ants up his butt. I'm continually at a loss what to think of it. Mr. Leonberger, half a head taller than me, and I remain on distant terms of ignoring tactics or casual butt sniffing--after which he'll usually growl at me and I'll give him an innocent, offended look. Mom says I'm just too darn annoying.
Did I already say it's been busy?

Ok, so I didn't really go to Berner Oberland yet. Mom made a composite yesterday of my wonderful self on a slope in Wengen. But she says we're going someday and that "mountains" are a heck of a lot neater than just the "hills" that I know. I can't think much past that, but it sounds good.

So much for my first update. I gotta run out for cat duty, dinner, and late afternoon napping before Dad comes home and I need to beat him up.
Big squeaks to all my fans!