Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Walks

Visiting my old Puppy Park! Pure Misha Bliss!

That darn tail of mine is always giving me away...

One of my favorite places...

One of my favorite trails...

Don't feel sorry for little bro, he already hogged most of it.

This is a courtesy posted photo for little bro, since he forgot it. I am civilized like that.

Besides, he can't pose like this.

Then one day our cat had to come stay in the house--temporarily, thank goodness. He does not like me. This, it must be said, I find highly disagreeable and insulting. Besides that, he bit Mom. Bromley and I rescued her. Cats are not to be trusted.

Mom, I got things you need to hear. Right now.

Mom and I like to watch my puppy home videos together. Bromley gets confused and leaves the room, which is understandable. I find my puppy memories fascinating.